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  2. Tequila is a very complex spirit, which I can imagine will be a surprise to some. It is true that this spirit in particular will have great differences from one brand to another depending on numerous factors: terrain, where the blue agave is grown, and even the duration of time taken in harvesting the plants.

    Yet, each is step is integral and each plays a part in the tasting experience of tequila. Tasting tequila can be considered a journey through the senses, during which you analyze every detail–your sight, touch, palate and nose.


    1. Location

    The first thing is location: Choose the right place and get comfortable. Personally, I like to sit outside the ter race right outside our barrelhouse that overlooks the fields of blue agave and the hills right outside the City of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico.

    2. Choose Your Glass

    Second, you have to have the right glass. I recommend a Riedel–made by George Riedel–tequila glass. It’s the best design for a tasting. In final preparation for the tasting, you should continue by cleansing your pallet with a bit of neutral bread and water.

    3. Choose Your Tequila

    I prefer Casa Noble Anejo. Pour about 1 1/2 oz in the glass.

    4. Drink with Your Eyes First

    Rise the glass against a light where you will be able to see the clarity and luminosity of the tequila. Now, swirl the tequila and notice the viscosity, how it clings to the glass and the legs that form. Continue by putting it against a white surface (white paper will be fine) where you can see the color, without hindrance. In the case of the Casa Noble Anejo, the color is copper with golden hues.

  3. Hispanics do not all look alike. Consider Ricky Martin and Sammy Sosa. Hispanics come in every shape and size and color–from the red-heads of Argentina to the blacks of Sosa’s Dominican Republic, from the Indians of Guatemala to the Cuban-Chinese. In Los Angeles, you’ll find mainly Mexican-Americans; in Miami, mainly Cuban-Americans; in New York, mainly Puerto-Ricans, whose commonwealth has a unique status in or with the United States. In fact, it is said that there are more Puerto-Ricans in New York than on la isla encantada (the enchanted island) itself.

    Hispanics do not all believe the same thing. Not all Hispanics are Roman Catholics. Many Hispanics have become evan
    gelical Protestants and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Nor are all Hispanics Democrats (although many Mexican-Americans are) or Republicans (although many Cuban-Americans are).


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